AHNE Bryniau Clwyd / Clwydian Range AONB


Report illegal off-road use

Off-road trespass by motorbikes and 4x4s is causing massive damage to many acres of heather moorland, especially on Llantysilio Mountains. It’s devastating for the habitat and for grazing.

Off-road arrest

We’re working hard to repair this damage and restore the heather moorland. We first cut areas of heather in the autumn when it’s heavy with seed. This cut heather is put into bales, making it easier to transport to areas of damage. The surface of these damaged areas is disturbed to create rougher ground in which vegetation can grow.

Then we spread out the heather bales. The seed naturally drops to the ground and the brash protects the seed from the elements. If left undisturbed, the heather will slowly regenerate and return the area back to moorland.

In the meantime, you can do your bit to help by reporting the activities of people who think an AONB is a suitable place for an illegal racetrack.

Land Rover

Here’s what you should do immediately:

  • contact police on 0845 6071002 
  • try to note the registration plates of the vehicles doing the damage or being used to transport bikes
  • but don’t approach users

And after the event:

  • call the AONB Service on 01352 810614 – we’ll pass any further details on to the police
  • fill in a NWAIMOR (North Wales Alliance to Influence the Management of Off Roading) report form. You can download it below and email to NWAIMOR and AONB Service.

Remember – unless you report what you see, the proper authorities may never know it’s happened. The more people report a problem, the greater priority it will get.

NWAIMOR report form

NWAIMOR report form

NWAIMOR (North Wales Alliance to Influence the Management of Off Roading) report form



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