AHNE Bryniau Clwyd / Clwydian Range AONB


Water vole 

Water voles are the UK's fastest declining mammal, down 80% in a century. This catastrophic decline is due to overgrazing, loss of habitat and predation by the American mink. 

Water VoleBut thankfully the water vole, a protected species, is alive and kicking in the river valleys of the Wheeler and Alyn rivers. A survey by local consultants identified the Bodfari and  Loggerheads areas are strongholds for the elusive vole – but the habitats were in desperate need of improvement.

In recent months we’ve been working with landowners to create fenced buffer zones around water ditches, to restrict sheep and cattle from grazing when the water vole is not in hibernation. This means the voles can eat the vegetation themselves – while the fences keep them safe from predators.

There are lot of individual habitats in the area and we’d like to help create one enhanced stronghold for the water vole across the AONB by joining them together. We’ll be doing more surveys to find out where the voles are to be found.


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