AHNE Bryniau Clwyd / Clwydian Range AONB


Weekly walks

Would you like to start walking with a group along the hills, by the sea or along local streets and fields?

The Clwyd Walks programme brings together Walkabout Flintshire and Denbighshire’s Let’s Walk scheme.

There are weekly walks and monthly walks, short and long walks, walks for beginners and walks for the more advanced. There are even Nordic walks.

They take place all over the two counties and are designed to help local people reap the rewards of regular exercise. Walking can help you: 

  • reduce and control blood pressure
  • maintain or reduce weight
  • lower cholesterol
  • reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes
  • increases bone mass to delay or prevent osteoporosis
  • relieve stress and anxiety
  • boost concentration;
  • increase self-confidence and self-esteem;
  • cope better with everyday tasks
  • give you more energy and help you sleep better

All you need to bring in return in a positive attitude and a decent pair of shoes.

Want to know more?

Call 01745 356197 or download our leaflet.

Troedio Clwyd Walks Leaflet

Troedio Clwyd Walks Leaflet

Incorporating Walkabout Flintshire & Denbighshire.



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