Landscape Solutions Project

Landscape Solutions Project

  • *Hebridean Sheep in Wildflower meadow
    Defaid Hebridean mewn ddôl blodau gwyllyt / Hebridean Sheep in wildflower meadow
  • *AONB Ranger-mowing a wildflower meadow
    Dolydd blodau gwyllt yn cael ei dorri gan Geidwad AHNE / AONB Ranger-mowing a wildflower meadow
  • Merlen y carneddau yn tynnu tafod / Carneddau Pony pulling tongues
  • Gwirfoddolwyr yn clirio llystyfiant ymledol o'r rhostir / Volunteers clearing invasive vegetation from the moorland

Landscape Solutions – Natural Resources Grazing Project Overview

The Landscape Solutions – Natural Resources Grazing project is underway in North East Wales. It is a cross county partnership led project, with 10 partner organisations throughout North East Wales, some of whom are land owners, conservation charities and local authorities. The project aims to bring 40 key sites scattered across North East Wales into sustainable management regimes. Most of these key sites are designated for ecological importance with many of them being SSSI, SAC, Ramsar, Country parks, Local Nature reserves or fall within the Clwydian Range and Dee Valley AONB and Snowdonia National Park.

The project will use nature based solutions to address the multiple issues land managers face today and bring a more sustainable approach to the way the key sites are managed. There is focus on grazing animals as this often the most effective and natural way to maintain certain habitats. Traditional livestock breeds such as cattle, sheep and ponies help to keep maintain a desired habitat with a wider variety of native wild plants and animals.

Did You Know?

Belted Galloway cattle are great for conservation grazing. They select their food carefully leaving plants and important species, whilst keeping the growth of other shrubs and gorse down.

The project will invest in infrastructure such as fencing and site access, as well as the removal of barriers to management such as scrub and bracken encroachment, which will help make these areas more appealing for graziers to bring suitable stock to the sites. Land owners and project staff will work with graziers to develop grazing plans to ensure that all grazing activities are to the benefit of the site and surrounding habitat and ensure the land does not become over or under grazed.

Another key part of the project is to engage with the communities surrounding these sites and provide volunteer opportunities in conservation and animal welfare. There will be opportunities for schools and community groups to get involved in looking after and checking stock. Training will be provided to try help narrow the skills gap within the farming and conservation sector and support pathways into employment for future generations.

The project is funded by the Welsh Government Sustainable Management Scheme and is hosted by the Clwydian Range and Dee Valley AONB.



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